Yay-us, Yay-us, Yay-us

Madeline learned a song last week that goes something like this, "Yayus, yayus, yayus, to Vee Bee Ayus!"

Translation:  "Yes, yes yes, to VBS!"   When I tried to correct her Alabama dialect, she informed me that I was singing it wrong.

Here's a super-fast recap of VBS.

1. I survived a week of crafts.  Although I did get paint all over my favorite walk in love. shirt.

2. Dan grew a beard.  Photos to follow.  I give him a hard time, but secretly love it.

3. And this unforgettable moment happened.


Taking Madeline horseback riding is on my life list.  I'm not exactly sure this qualifies, but it's a great start.  I love showing her the world - that real horses are not like horses in tactile kids books.  Real horses are BIG, and warm, and noisy.  Vision loss makes everyday parenting experiences infinitely more precious - I can't explain it.

And, if you were wondering how my full week of frozen meals went, I highly recommend Butoni's spinach ravioli.  Super fast, and the best tasting meal we had.  550 calories for a generous portion - more than your average frozen meal - Madeline and I shared.

The end!