Worthiness according to Spurgeon

(“Unto you therefore which believe he is precious…”  1 Peter 2:7a)

“Now come, you messengers of the world, and take on your shoulders all its treasures.  Ceasar, pour out thy gold in one glittering pile; Caesar, lay down thine honors here in one gaudy heap.  Here, Tiberius, bring all the joys of Capri’s lust and vice; Solomon, bring here all the treasures of wisdom.  Alexander, bring all thy triumphs; Napoleon, bring thy wide-spread empire and thy fame, put them all here, all that earth calls good.

And now come, thou bleeding Lamb of God, thou marred and matchless Savior, come here and tread these beneath thy feet, for what are all these compared with thee?  I pour contempt on them all.  Now I am dead to all the world, and all the world is dead to me.  The whole realm of nature is small in comparison with thee, as a drop in the bucket when compared with a boundless ocean.  Jesus Christ is then precious superlatively.”

[Charles Spurgeon]