Woman seeking...

You want to hear something ridiculous?  The following search terms brought people to this blog: "Cher+hot"


"Woman in sweatpants + talking + coffee"  (They may as well have just googled "Kate Conner.")


"Flesh eating disease blog"

Pause.  Not exactly how I would classify my writing.  Is there such thing as a flesh eating disease blog?  And why is someone searching for it?  Okay, fine.  It's probably the same reason I felt compelled to read the entire Wikipedia article on Ted Bundy a few weeks ago.  I suppose I can't judge two quickly.  (For the record, it was because I felt uninformed about him and like I was missing some piece of information that normal, well-read people are privvy to.  I thought this because Dan is extremely well-read and knows something about EVERYTHING.  It was horrific.)  Moving on.

My personal favorite search term that landed people here:  "saggy+armpit+with+hair"

If you have a CLUE how they arrived here after searching for THAT - keep it to yourself because it's probably insulting.

I stand amazed.  The internet is such a strange, entertaining thing.