Woah! Free Things!

Friday is going to be monumental. I am going to shower and do the dishes ALL IN ONE DAY.

Just kidding.  Who am I, my mother!?

But I will be featuring a giveaway!  This Friday I'll post an excerpt and a review of a book/author I love:  Shauna Niequist.  And if you drop in and comment you'll be entered to win a free autographed copy of Bittersweet!

Fabulous, no?

If you're not familiar with Shauna, then consider the next 4 days a gift.  (From me.  You owe me now.  See how that works?)  You have been given time to read a chapter, watch a clip, and fall in love with her writing just in time to come back here to snag a fantastic (autographed) book for free!   Thanks to Zondervan and Shauna for being awesome!

To whet your appetite - here's a taste:

Watch Shauna read "Learning to Swim" here. (Shauna comes in at 2:40) Read it yourself here.

Watch Shauna read "What Might Have Been" here. Read it yourself here.

Read "Things I Don't Do" here. (Inspired me to make my own hilarious/revealing/depressing list of Things I Don't Do)

Read "Needle And Thread" here. (The chapter I quoted in my Creativity post a few weeks ago.)

There are mp3s for listening and more chapters for reading available on Shauna's website.  Here they are!

So be thinking about what the concept of "Bittersweet" means in your life.  Where it has appeared, what it's taught you.  Here is one of the most glaring examples in my life.  (click me!)

And come back Friday to win your book!