TELL ME you've seen the "whatsinmybag" pool on Flickr.  If not, you should take a quick look; it's seriously intriguing. I cleaned out my purse this week, and when I threw out all of the receipts and stray goldfish crackers, this is what remained.

I think it's insightful - you can learn a lot about a person by the things they keep physically close to them.  Evidently, I value lip-care.


  • Bible
  • 2 Notebooks
  • O.P.I nail polish (Big Apple Red)
  • Plastic swan
  • Hair clip
  • 8 lipsticks/glosses
  • iPod
  • Pen
  • Madeline's growth sticker from the pediatrician
  • Jr. Fire Fighter sticker from the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival
  • Stack of paint chips
  • 5 little girl hairbows
  • Iranian coins
  • Canadian penny
  • New York subway coin
  • Keys
  • Batteries
  • Approximately 50 bobby pins
  • 1 earring
  • Toy from a Wendy's kids meal - Cranium word search, word scramble, and spelling cards.
  • Antibacterial hand wipe from Chick-Fil-A

A few thoughts:

#1.  Where is my wallet?  And my phone?

#2.  A plastic swan, really?



#5.  The giant stack of paint chips is for this craft.  Low maintenance, creative, do-able by my 3-year-old, and perfect for a Girls Night decoration.  Bam.

# 6.  After much consideration, I think I will add some lotion and a bottle of water in there too.  Oh, and a driver's license.

Let me hear from you!  What is the strangest item you have in your bag right now?  The most out of place?  Which item do you have the most of?  What item do you never leave home without?