We're Having A...

...boy! A son!

Another son!

When I was pregnant with Sam, Madeline INSISTED that he was a boy.  Her exact words were, "I do not need a sister."  She figured the universe would bend to her three-year-old iron will, and sure enough, she got a brother.  This time around she insisted the baby was a girl.  I think after living with a little brother for a year she was hoping a sister would be less likely to follow her around pulling her hair and biting her.  So far she's handling her disappointment pretty well.

I, on the other hand, am thrilled.

I'm excited that the little boys will get to share a room. I'm super excited to decorate said room. I'm excited to have 2 little boys at home for a couple of years. I'm excited that Madeline will have 2 brothers to beat up her suitors. I'm excited that little boys are so wildly in love with their mamas. I'm excited to break out the tiny baby converse shoes again.

Here's the catch:  Dan and I cannot agree on a single, solitary boy name.

Girls are easy.  I literally could not birth enough girls to use up all the girl names I love.  But boy names are trickier, for us anyway.

What are your favorite boy names?  Let us hear 'em, we need all the help we can get!

He is already the cutest thing I've ever seen and I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON HIM AND KISS HIS FACE ALL DAY LONG.  Little tiny thing, with his little tiny fist, sucking his little tiny thumb.


Oh my gosh, I want to eat that nose.  I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position and try to hug him.