Weekly Recap.

More like "recap of the week," since I don't do much of anything on a weekly basis - except for laundry. Mom came to visit this week and we spent the overwhelming majority of our time sanding, priming, and painting furniture - oh and shopping for accessories to match said furniture.   For the first time in our married, renting, or home-owning lives, Dan and I are going to have a piece of furniture that MATCHES another piece of furniture.  WOAH, everybody just CALM DOWN for a second.

Our dining room and play area are getting a little facelift.  :)

Also, Mom was here over St. Patrick's day, which is sort of cool because she's Irish.  Like, legit Irish.  As in, went to high school in Ireland where she hung out with this guy and his high school garage band.  True story (which she'll kill me for sharing).  So this St. Patrick's Day, Madeline got an education about what it means to be Irish.  We had a tea party with bickies (slang for cookies, not the controlled substance with whom the cookies unfortunately share a nickname.),

sang some songs every Irish lass should know,


and Mom tried (unsuccessfully) to teach Madeline to say thank-you in Gaelic.  Then Madeline made green play-doh at preschool.

Here are a few more snapshots of our week.

In other news, I filled out my March Madness bracket and am looking forward to beating Dan soundly.