Vision and Coffee

This is an impromptu vision post, because this is my blog and I do as I please. It is 75 degrees here.  On December 3rd.  I am grumpy about it.  I blame Al Gore.

Two hours ago, I rolled the windows down on the way to pick Madeline up from school, because I added a much-needed air freshener to Dan's car and it was so potent that my eyes were watering.

But - "'Tis better to have watery eyes from an air freshener than to have watery eyes from rank man-car smell," I always say.

Riding with the windows down was a new sensory experience for Sam, who shrieked with delight.  Madeline, of course,  joined in the shrieking.  4-year-old girls are good at that sort of thing.  They giggled and shrieked and held hands in the back seat, each so tickled by the other's delight the whole way home.  It was such a "moment" that I couldn't bring myself to end it.  Instead of pulling into the driveway, I decided to go get a cup of coffee at McDonald's.

I chose McDonald's because, as much as I was craving a Venti, half-caf, non-fat, caramel macchiato, I didn't have $5.08 in cash - which meant that I would have to use my card, which meant that Dan would see the charge and ask me why I spent $5.08 on a cup of coffee.

I pulled into McDonald's and, when I ordered a "Large, half-caf, non-fat French Vanilla Latte with half of the pumps," there was a long silence on the other end.  (Starbucks 1, McDonald's, 0)  Eventually we had true communication, shared meaning.  Although after my lengthy explanation of exactly how I wanted my high-maintenance coffee drink, I suspect she may have spit in my cup.

As we were sitting in the drive-thru waiting for my spit coffee, Madeline said something amazing.  She looked out the window and said,

"Mom, why are there stripes on the wall?"

Because she saw this:

Let me say that again.  SHE SAW THIS.

Low contrast, like colors, from her seat inside the car at least 10 feet away.


It totally made up for getting home, sitting down to write this, and finding this in my coffee cup.

 Does this look like a half-caf, non-fat, French Vanilla Latte with half the pumps to you, McDonald's?!?!   No.  It does not.  (Starbucks 2, McDonald's, 0)


Don't miss out on the new Christmas music in today's first post.  (Here)  The guys have generously given a free download to readers!