Virginia Life

I went to college in Lynchburg, Virginia. I stumbled across this music video a few days ago, and as I watched, a  flood of rich, hilarious, beautiful memories came rushing back.

I'm so happy to be growing up, but I can say with dogged certainty that my early twenties were good to me.  Lynchburg was good to me.

So here's to Lynchburg.


And let's do this for fun:  What are your favorite college/early twenties memories?  Send me the funny ones, the coming of age ones, the "that was the greatest night ever" ones - perhaps even the tough lesson ones.  Where were your haunts?  What endeared your city or your school to you?    Seriously, what a fun comment board to read!

I'll do one per year, because this is my blog and I do as I please.  (You can share as much or as little as you want.)

 Freshman year: Spring break to West Palm and Cocoa Beach with Cindy & friends, the highlight of which was probably when that body bag fell out of the clothing drop box causing all 4 of us to scream and pee - from fright and then from laughter.  Intramural games, weeks worth of snow days, and the time my roommates and I accidentally microwaved our fish to death.

Sophomore year:  Reading through the Bible, The Complete Green Letters, and Hinds Feet on High Places, all of which changed my life.  And dating my husband - whom I agreed to go out with because he invited me under false pretenses.  Then we ordered every single dessert off the menu and talked and laughed for a really long time.

Junior year:  Being a part of a really special leadership team, women who made me better. (Thanks Aliesha, Shelby, and Katie.)  Also my two very best friends, Brooke and Megan, moved to Lynchburg and onto my floor after we dreamed for years of going to college together.  The fun we had was pretty out of control.  Lesson: make friendships happen; it's worth it.  Other lessons: The Pier 1 dumpster is a great place to find furniture for your room.  The roof of that giant academic building is surprisingly easy to access.  Don't play pranks on your RAs - they have keys to your room.  Etc.

Senior year:  Marked by travel, one of my very favorite things.  Travel for advertising campaigns, travel for symposiums, my engagement to Dan, and a trip to France and North Africa.  Riding a camel in the Sahara is tough to beat.

Your turn!