Why yes, this IS my third 4th of July post. But you'd post too if you had something this precious to share!

Since we received Madeline's Dx in 2008 - we've been waiting for the day that she can TELL US what she sees; for the last two years I've been wondering how our little one perceives the world around her.  And then I blinked, and here we are!  If you ever wondered how a two-year-old with vision loss understands the world - here is a bit of commentary from Madeline herself.


Fireworks were an awesome multi-sensory experience!  You can hear them, smell them, feel them, and see them!  And what great high-contrast: bright lights in the pitch-black sky.

On our first Fourth of July in Huntsville we SERIOUSLY underestimated the traffic.  We ran into a stand-still on the highway about 6 miles away from the fireworks themselves, s0 we pulled off the road and watched from an exit ramp.  We weren't alone - easily 50 other people along our little stretch of road enjoyed them with us.

And here are a few pictures of Madeline and her new friend, Daisy, whom she met this holiday.

Now, onto post-Fourth of July living!