My husband was born in the 80's and looked so much like a Cabbage Patch Kid that my mother-in-law was stopped more than once by women wanting to take his picture. So many questions:

  • Why? (This was before cell phones; the lady wasn't texting it to her friends.)
  • What does one do with an actual photograph of a stranger's child that looks a like a trendy toy?
  • Are there baby pictures of my husband floating out there somewhere?  Will they one day be bequeathed to younger strangers, lost in an old box of family photos.  Will they suspect Dan to be a secret child? Will it cause untold confusion, suspicion, and heartache in the wake of a loss?

Moral of the story: don't take actual photographs of strangers' children.

At any rate, the apple doesn't fall far from the Cabbage Patch tree.  Those Conners have some strong genes.