Through Children's Eyes

So, I posted my last entry about why I let my 4-year-old do (almost) everything she wants, also known as the best advice I ever recieved in regards to parenting a strong-willed child (or any threee-year-old). I happen to be on vacation at my mom's house right now, and when she read it she started singing some song about a tiger.  I looked at her like she was a bit off her rocker, and she said, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU DON'T REMEMBER THAT SONG???"

"Um, no?"

To which she replied, with tears in her eyes, "Song lyrics are my theology" - then she went and grabbed her Limeliters album and played this song for me.

Then I cried too.

And that is reason #1,758,854 that I love my mother.

"There once was a tiger, tiny little tiger, playin' with his tiger toys But his nurse-maid made him so afraid, he didn't dare make a noise

What happened to the tiger, tiny little tiger, who never learned to roar? He's just a mat, stretched out flat on somebody's bedroom floor.

What we're sayin' is... (CHORUS) Hey, Jimmie, Joe, John, Jim, Jack Even little tigers lose their knack When somebody twice their size Can't see the world through children's eyes.

There once was a bunny, fluffy little bunny, through the piney woods he'd roam But his mother cried, "Come back inside! A bunny belongs at home!"

What happened to the bunny, fluffy little bunny, who never learned to hop? Because the bunny couldn't hop, he hangs in a butcher shop.

What we're sayin' is... (CHORUS: substitute "bunnies" for "tigers")

 There once was a beagle, happy little beagle, following his tail around But his father said, "Go straight to bed, and don't make a single sound!"

What happened to the beagle, happy little beagle, who never learned to bay? Some burglars came, and to his shame he turned tail and ran away.

What we're sayin' is... (CHORUS: "beagles")

 Don't do this.  Don't do that. You might as well just be a statue. That's how children lose their spark. But if grown-ups would take part in things that children have their heart in They'd never end up hiding in the dark

 What we're sayin is... Hey, Jimmy, Jack, John, Jim, Joe When you have your own kids let them know Even though you're twice their size You see the world through children's eyes."

You can listen to a version of the song here.  Though it's not by The Limeliters and therefore inferior. And I'm not just saying that because I'm Irish.  Or maybe I am.  But I'm right.