This Too Shall Pass

Madeline discovered a tub of Vaseline in her diaper bag.  By discovered, I mean opened and SLATHERED all over her arms.  I'm talking a quarter of an inch thick - totally coated all 10 fingers and up to her elbows.  I will be scrubbing the oil/grease out of my carpet for weeks.  She's been in bed for over an hour now, and I'm finally calming down about it. This morning, I lost about 4o minutes of my "getting ready" time to discipline.  Madeline sat in time-out in 2-minute-intervals, like SIX consecutive times because she refused to say, "I'm sorry."  There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Oh - and screaming/scooching across the floor on her back.

I've heard that the 3's are actually worse than the "terrible 2's."  If this is true, Dan is going to have to have me committed.