The Piano and the Toilet

Today I share with you two things that make my motherly heart swell with pride. 1.  Madeline playing the piano.


(She's had lessons for 3 and a half months now, learning by ear. She will start with braille music in a few years when she can read it.  Her teacher is also blind, completely, and watching the two of them play piano together is the high point of my week.)

2. Madeline reciting a commercial she heard on television.


(The longer version of the original commercial is here.)

There are some pastors' children who can recite the 23rd Psalm.  Mine can list 10 synonyms for "toilet."

I think I'm going to make that into a bumper sticker, like the one's that say "My child can kick your honor student's a**."

"My child knows more synonyms for 'toilet' than your Awana Sparky Award-winner."  I think they would sell.