The Little Orchid That Could

It has been almost 10 days since I posted about receiving my orchid from Dan. During this time it has endured:

  • A long fall from the kitchen table - knocked off by Jasper in the middle of the night.
  • The resulting 7 hours of laying sideways out of its pot.
  • An excited grab/squeeze/smother of the blossoms by Madeline, who insists she was "being gentle."
  • A second uprooting at the hands (paws?) of Jasper, this time causing all of its water to drain onto my dining room floor.
  • My "rough estimation" of how much water it needs.  This calculation is based on the last time it was watered, how much water it lost during its evenings lying on its side, and approximately how much water is in an ice cube anyway (since I keep forgetting to fill the trays).  (By the way I hate math.)

I am happy to report that this miracle flower is still alive.

Until next time, Kate