The Carolina Chronicles, part deux.

There are a few things in life I'm really really bad at.  Okay maybe more than a few.

  1. Putt-putt golf
  2. Mental math
  3. Keeping in touch with anyone with whom I don't interact daily.

Somewhere on the long list of the things that I'm really, really bad at is taking pictures when it counts.

Have you seen any birthday pictures of Madeline?  Nope.  Christmas?  Didn't think so.   (Don't worry, Mom, they exist. I'm tracking them down!  PROMISE!)

Anway, another sweet moment that I totally neglected to document was our visit today with my friend, Allie, and her ridiculously stinkin' adorable little girl, Lillian.

Allie and I grew up in the same neighborhood, rode the same bus, and swam on the same swim team.  (But I quit the year I turned 13, because then they make you swim the length of the pool AND BACK.  I was pretty rockin' at getting down there, but the thought of getting tired on the way back and maybe...losing a race?  I shudder to think.)

Aren't we cute?  We were the Black Horse Run Stallions, so all our suits had BHR embroidered in big yellow letters on the backside of the "hip."  The awkward placement of the letters made the joke too easy - to us, the letters stood for "Big Hairy Rear."

I digress.

Allie and I reconnected several months ago when her daughter received a diagnosis related to Madeline's.  She says all the time how much of a life-saver it was to be heard and understood by someone who'd "been there," but I know that it was as meaningful for me as it was for her.  It doesn't seem to matter how much time passes for us - talking with someone in the same boat is ALWAYS theraputic, even if Allie and her family were still in the devastating, swirly beginning stages.  She was my soul-sister there for a little while, and it was precious to me.

Allie is down-to-earth, honest, and so funny - I'm thankful for her.  (She chronicles/documents/rants about her adventures in motherhood here.  In case any of you in a similar boat are looking to understand/be understood.)

BACK to today.  It took me nearly 20 minutes to make the 8-minute drive to Allie's house because I had to drive my Dad's car.  Excuse me, my dad's Porsche. I never thought that would happen on this side of eternity. (Full disclosure: it was virtually our only option since there wasn't another useable vehicle within a 30-mile radius.  But I'm surprised Dad didn't call Enterprise, or at least a police escort.)  If I didn't believe in miracles before, I do now.  My father PUT THE KEY IN MY HAND.  He was awake! And sober!

The car seat TOTALLY fit in the back of that sucker.  (Who says a little Carrera isn't a practical family car??)  I didn't break 40mph the whole way there, mostly because I was too busy checking the gauges every 8 seconds.  I totaled a Mercedes once (What, I haven't told you that story yet?  And don't judge me.), and I didn't really want to add a Porsche to the list.  Those 10 miles were the third scariest driving moment of my life, behind the time I got lost on the Dallas freeway system (if you've ever driven there, you know), and when we drove home from the hospital with Madeline for the very first time.

Anyway, Allie.  (This post is brought to you by - BUNNY TRAILS!)

It was crazy to see (in real-life) a grown-up version of my friend from SO LONG AGO.  We both said how much the other looked "exactly the same!!!" which I hope to high heaven isn't true - because every picture of me between the ages of 9 and 16 is ROUGH.  (I had very unfortunate bangs.  And the gap between my front teeth was of epic, grand canyon proportions.  For a year or so I actually begged my dentist for braces; he swore they would grow together, which they did, but still haven't forgiven him.)

Well, I DID arrive safely, albeit slowly, at Allie's house.  And we managed to only talk a little bit about vision teachers and sodium levels and medical insurance.   Really, we let these little precious things entertain us for a few hours.

As we were leaving Madeline toddled over and kissed Lilian smack on the forehead and said, "Bye Lily, thanks for playing with me," at which point Allie and I both got a little misty-eyed.  I mean, can you imagine it in three-year-old speak?  PRESH.

So thanks, Allie and Lillian, for a wonderful time!  Next time we'll take pictures!

P.S. It should be said that Allie's new years resolution is totally adorable and practical and I'm stealing it.  I'll share those thoughts in another post soon.  If you want a preview, here's the post where she mentions it.