The Best Worst Day Ever

I wish I could talk about the good without talking about the hard, but I can’t. 

As such, I’ve erred on the side of not talking about much of ANYTHING, because I’m sensitive to not making this story about me or about difficulties or about anything other than the grace of God in my life. 

But - I also have miraculous stories to tell. And heck if I’m not going to tell them just because there’s a little bit of hard and awkward mixed in there.

So. Here’s tonight’s miracle. 

Today, Monday brought its A-game. My van broke down on the side of the road. In the rain. In rush-hour traffic. With my 3 kids inside. The van is unsalvageable. 

A dear friend came to rescue us wearing a fuzzy lavender bathrobe with pink polka dots, Aztec-printed leggings, and what I can only assume were her son’s soccer cleats that she grabbed as she ran out the door. 

I arrived late to work in my dad’s borrowed truck: a 1995 fire engine-red Chevy Suburban with an NRA sticker on the back. Just whatever. 

After work I hurried home, got the kids in bed, and started researching cars.  This is tricky, as my budget is zero dollars

As I was scrolling through Carmax pages, my best-cousin-friend Brooke texted me.  Brooke is my person, so when she asks, “How was your day?” I tell her the actual truth.  Today I said, “IT HAS BEEN A DAY.”

She immediately texted back: “Would this help?

I followed the link to find this:

Unbeknownst to me, my tribe raised $3,500 in a single day, to love me. 

That was around 8:30 p.m.  I've been crying ever since. 

I will spare you the details about how this has so clearly been orchestrated right down to the exact date and time and dollar amount, but here’s what I absolutely must say. 

I believe in God because his people love me so well.

In this season, God has sustained, loved, and tenderly cared for my children and me – and He’s done it through His people.  My family, friends, small group, church, and this weird 2015 thing that is an “internet tribe.” 

The people of God aren’t idle well-wishers or foolish hope-ers.

The people of God are tenacious pray-ers, extravagant givers, and the hardest workers. They make stuff happen. They take seriously their charge to love the world, care for widows and orphans, and marry their faith with deeds that smack of gospel love.

So I’m going to buy a car this week. I pray that over the next many years, every time I start it, I’ll be moved by the miraculous provision of God and the extraordinary generosity of His people. I’ll begin each trip, each day, with a face-down, palms-up posture of awe and humble gratitude.

We carry each other. 
Thank you,