The Beast is Dead

Dan shaved his beard! At first I really liked the beard.  It was new, it was tame, it was all Calvin-Klein-5-day-growth.

Then it proceeded to morph into its Hasidic Jew phase.  Then the Amish man stage, followed by the double-rainbow mountain-man stage.  All weird, but tolerable.

But somewhere around week SIX it got a little Ted Kaczynski.


Mercifully, the prearranged date arrived.

We shaved it at church last Wednesday night.  The kids didn't QUITE reach their goal, so Dan didn't have to shave lightning bolts in it and wear it for a week (in case you ever wondered if God was good), but we did let them shave it off at the end of the night.  Ciarra did the honors.

Dan shaved the rest off at home (but not before we paraded him to Wendy's to visit some more teenagers - quite the walk of shame).  He shaved the moustache last, but I couldn't even bear to take a picture of it.  It looked like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite in a SERIOUS way.

When it was done I sighed of relief, exhaustion, and a bit of nostalgia.    It's the end of an era.