walk in love. Giveaway!

Good morning and welcome to Giveaway Week!  We are celebrating the shiny new site by giving you pretty things!  

Today I am giving away two walk in love. shirts and two $50 gift cards: one for you and one for a friend! BOOM.  You will want to live in these shirts. You are going to want to become one with the shirts. You will take them off only to shower. The softness, mercy.

The first is this women's maroon "Enough" shirt! 

 photo YouAreEnough-0010.jpg photo YouAreEnough-0014.jpg photo YouAreEnough-0006.jpg photo YouAreEnough-0001.jpg

It is flowy, with ribbed arms that are slightly fitted, so it's perfect for layering this fall. 

The second is this unisex royal blue V-neck.  I'd wear it with my black blazer and booties, but I'm not the boss of you.  You do as you please. 

 photo blueunisex.jpg

To enter, comment on this post and tag the person you'll give the second shirt & card to!  For an extra entry, share this giveaway and tag me in your post. 

I'll close this giveaway at midnight and notify the winners tomorrow.  Can't wait to get these in your hands so that you can get your shop on!

Happy Monday, friends.  Remember, "mon" means "my" in French.  So if your Monday isn't going so hot, stop calling it Monday and start calling it My day.  That should help.  (Hat tip to Leah Dieterich for the tip.) 


Here's walk in love's info! Follow them if you love good design, beautiful spaces, fashion, and cats! 

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Come back tomorrow to see what other goodies are in store for you!