Stuff I Wanted To Tell You About Without Cluttering Up My Facebook Wall

... Or "Reason #19657 Blogs Are Handy"

-I found this really fun Christmassy work out - every move is about stars.  (work it.)

-This video made me laugh. Challenging stereotypes is always healthy.  (challenge it.)

-Dooce is my imaginary friend.  She's not imaginary, but I imagine she's my friend.  (laugh at it.)

-My friend, Alisa, is going to do one of the most difficult, bravest, most beautiful things a person can do tomorrow - she's going to give birth to a son who has anencephaly, and hopefully wake up from anesthesia in time to kiss him goodbye before he goes to be with Jesus.  Her story is here, and if you could pray for her tomorrow, we'd all appreciate it.  (pray for it.)

-This article is making me happy.  "I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful." (think on it.)

-This is good too.  On having needs vs. being needy.  (self-check it.)

I think that's all for now.  Until next time!