Story Time

Madeline:  Mommy, now it's my turn to tell YOU a story.

Me:  Okay

Madeline:  Once upon a time, there was a little girl named....Hope.  And HOOooope, she went on the playground and slid down the slide and pricked herself on the mulch.  And then she went in the road and got hitted by a car.  Then my Daddy came and saved her.  He picked her up and kissed her and she was all better.  Then they went to a safe library where there are no cars, and she walked and held his hand, because they were in the parking lot and there are cars in the parking lot.  Then they got an Elmo video and played with the Dora dominoes.  Then they found a kitty, and she was sleeping.   THE END.

Me: ...

(I think we've instilled a healthy fear of traffic.)