Soul mates

You guys, Madeline has a soul mate.  Her name is Tish. I know this because I recently read this old post over at Momastary.

"Mothers always whisper to their babies how special, how beautiful, how brilliant they are, how there has never been another baby in the history of the world as perfect as they are. I certainly whispered all these same things to my babies.  Chase took them with a grain of salt, like most babies do. I’m sure he thought “Aw. So cute. Mom’s in love.”

Tish, on the other hand, believed every word I said. When Tish heard me whisper these things into her teeny ear, her reaction was: 'YES. Exactly as I suspected. It seems I am some sort of GODDESS.'"

You must read the rest of the article here for a very funny story and a sweet sentiment at the end.  (If you don't read Glennon's blog regularly, you should.  I want to be her when I grow up.)

I hope our daughters never meet though, because the world would not survive.  IT WOULD NOT SURVIVE.