Sharing is Caring

Things worth sharing

1. Very cool design project from T.J. Mousetis.  Read the story behind the project and check out all the prints so far.  I love them!  (view them all here!)

2. This was all over facebook/twitter a few weeks ago.  I stumbled across it again last night and it had me laughing.    (watch it here!)

3. Christmas comics from the lovely Megan Collins.  It's like the the Sunday paper comic section, only better because you don't have any bad, ongoing-story, too-much-dialogue-comics to skip over.  (enjoy them here!)

4. Remember the patty-cake cat video?  I first saw it on  Here's the newest one she posted.  I laughed out loud.  Multiple times.  (LOL here!)

5. A friend of mine posted a link to these 3 meditations last week and I've read them over and over.  The second one was comforting, encouraging and spirit-bolstering - just exactly what I needed at the time.  And the third one is amazing.  The TRUTH of it is powerful, and had me "Amen-ing" at my computer screen.  (read them here!)

Enjoy them all!  I did!