Serious Thoughts On The World Series

Last night I was watching the first game in the World Series with Dan, and something was bothering me.

Every time they showed the Giants pitcher, Tim Lincecum, I thought, "WHERE have I seen that man before?"

The news?  No.

SportsCenter?  No.

Commercial?  No.

Fathead?  No.

And then it hit me:

Just wait, it gets worse...

Ahhh!!!  Do you be-lieve in life after love?  (After love, after love, after love...)

(I've decided side-by-side look-alikes are my new favorite thing.  I still chuckle over Dan/The Unabomber.)

So have I completely ruined the World Series for you?  Or MADE it?

Well, Tim, if the baseball thing doesn't work out, it's safe to say you could have a future in the entertainment industry.  You know, I think you could really pull this off!

Just kidding; I mean no disrespect, Tim.  You're a class act.  Don't quit your day job.

**As I am married to a serious sports fan, you can expect more serious sports thoughts to come.  I will dazzle you with my depth of insight into the sports world.**

And in defense of Tim Lincecum: