Search Terms VIII

Round eight, here we go!  This month, people arrived at my blog by searching for the following terms:

"long legs and strappy sandals"  (I have neither and want both.)

"chest woman in peach"  (Huh?)

"multiple boils under armpit" (Ouch.  Is that contagious? Get away from my blog.)

"pretty teenage girl with freckles"  (I'm going to take that as a compliment.  I could pass for 19, right?  RIGHT!?!?!?)

"mens suits rolled up sleeves eighties"  (See also: Miami Vice.)

"sea monsters on youtube"  (A Loch Ness enthusiast, perhaps?)

"steve martin tonight drag show  (Safe to say we have nothing in common.  Why would you want to see this?)

"had to pee so badly traffic"  (The worst kind of traffic.  Followed by "my iPod just died traffic" and  "stand-still on a very tall bridge traffic." )

"renkli balonlar"  (10 points to anyone who can figure out what language this is.)

"puncture wound blowfish" (You shouldn't have to use Google to know whether or not this happened to you...)

"Facebook start" (You're about 8 years too late)

"Conner Fetish"  (Is this a real thing?)

"What is the sound produced by swinging a cane?"  (I know this one: a combination of screaming, jumping, and a protective grabbing of the ankles, as articulated here.)

"Light skinned dreadlocks kid"  (Light skin, yes.  Dreadlocks?  Not on your life.  If you thought my exposed skin was light, you'd die to see my scalp.)

"nice butt in leggings"  (Why thank you very much.)

"fish poop"  (The crazy thing is that there are multiple posts that this person could have arrived at (here and here). Maybe I should reconsider some of my blog content.)

And my two favorites from this batch:

"clay matthews looks voluptuous"  (If by voluptuous you mean beefy...who is searching for this!?!?!)

"help my toddler is rubbing himself in school"  (Um, I have nothing for you.  And I hope to God I never gain any matter of expertise in this area.)

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