Search Terms VI

This month, people arrived at my blog by searching for the following terms:

"fluff-n-snuggle pads" (I googled this one myself when I read it, just to see what came up.  It is a disappointing pet product. Shame, because the name has such potential.)

"giantess toddler" (This giantess thing is getting out of hand.  But here's a bit of nostalgia while we're at it.)

"gnome house"  (These are the bomb.)

"kate conner drone"  (I wish I had a Kate Conner drone.  Any rocket scientists here want to build me my own drone?  C'mon, there have to be some perks to living in Rocket City.)

"bulging pregnant"  (Really?  Bulging?  Whoever you are, I hate your freaking guts.)

"diaper+wedgie"  (I imagine this is something like an 8 on the pain scale.)

"fetch coffee" (An impressive command to teach your...)

"russian wolfhound"  (I've toyed with the idea of owning one, but if it could fetch me coffee - SOLD.)

"can't keep my mouth shut at business meetings"  (Which is why I work at home.)

"what kills collards" (My husband.  Give him some pepper sauce and cornbread and those collards don't stand a chance.)

"dripple castle"  (Let me remind you, people are searching for these terms.)

And my personal favorite from this batch:

"african tribal paint for kids"

The weirdness of people is inexhaustible.  Search Terms ISearch Terms IISerach Terms IIISearch Terms IV, Search Terms V