Search Terms IV

This month, people arrived at my blog by searching for the following terms:

"baby+right+horn+uterus"  (Pregnancy is scary enough without throwing horns in the mix. My uterus just shuddered.)

"two year old egg"  (Ew.)

"threasures of the earth"  (That's "treasures" with a wicked lisp.)

"A+grandpa+playing+table+tennis"  (I have one of those!)

"does cicadas come out when tornadoes?"  (In many places in Alabama, that's considered a gramatically correct sentence.  But you have to say it with an accent.  "Does si-kay-duhs come out whin toewer-nayda's?"  Kidding!!!)

"top heavy"  (Bite me.)

"women+thick+eyebrows"  (Bite me again.)

"Nutcracker popsicle sticks"  (What the...)

"cut each others pony tails off"  (That is a terrible idea.)

And the kicker.  You guys, I'm not making this up...

"flesh eating giantess beginning with the letter 'O'"  (A giantess, that eats flesh, and whose name begins with an O.  This sounds like it's straight of of The Odyssey.) 

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