Search Terms III

I so look forward to these posts now.  If you haven't seen them, or even if you have, you should read the first two Search Terms posts here and here.  Take a quick refresher; the ridiculousness builds on itself! Here is the third installment of strange search terms that brought people to this blog:

"Saint-of-Diet-Coke" (That's me.)

"Zoolander+blue steel" ("What is this, a school for ants?!")

"blood-splatter" (This, friends, is why you shouldn't post personal information on the internet.)

"decoration+robot" (Not sure how this person arrived here, but it's so awesome that I think I'll do a robot-decoration post in the near future.)

"kate elizabeth+gross" :(

"Jesus tornado" (I hope your mental picture of this is as funny as mine. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a JESUS TORNADO!)

"I eat all food." (Me too.  Let's be friends.)

"Cher before and after," "Cher + the early years," etc. (Baffling how many people are searching for Cher these days. If you'd like hits on your website, I recommend dropping her name in a few places.)

"Tim Lincecum" (Ever since baseball season's opening day, I get at least 10 hits a day from people looking for this dude.  I'm pretty sure they're disappointed when they see my post about him.)

"in the movie sixth sense how many people are in the schools hallway" (Um, fair question? Another fair question: Why does this matter in life? And how did you arrive here trying to figure it out?)

 "disheveled child"  (Now that makes sense.) 

And my personal favorite from this batch:

"Pyogenic granuloma on my a**"  (HA HA HA.  I do not envy you.)

Actually, it's probably a toss-up between that and the Jesus Tornado.  Thanks, people of the internet, for being so weird.