Search Terms II

More search terms that brought people to this blog.  I'm not here to judge.

"kate + lunatic" (A little harsh.  I prefer "spirited.")

"kate conner's acupuncture" (My next business endeavor.)

"diapered + roommate" (Someone out there is SEEKING one of these?  I can see the classified ad now...)

"chihuahua bobble head mexico" (I actually wrote about this one.)

"waterworld sea monster" (See also: Kevin Costner.)

"flute+music+for+love+game+lady gaga" (Does Lady G have a flutist?  She should look into it.)

"braille for awesome" (dot 1; dots 2,4,5,6; dots 1,5; dots 2,3,4; dots 1,3,5; dots 1,3,4; dots 1,5 - I think.)

"cow hoof canteen" (Also from the chihuahua post. I wish I had a picture of those suckers.)

"lily pad swim team movie french" (I doubt English is their first language.)

"had to pee since" (KANSAS!  I feel your pain, man.)

"ultrasound+of+a+baby+horse" (He was pretty well-endowed.  KIDDING. SORRY.  I take it back.  My filter is down today.)

People and their internet surfing antics - so amusing.  (The first search terms installment is here.)