I met Dan for coffee this morning at the Starbucks in our Kroger, and the following conversation took place.

Me:  I ordered a coffee - and a scone.

Dan:  Why did you get a scone?

Me:  Because I was hungry.

Dan:  Why didn't you just go get something from Kroger?

Me:  Because Kroger doesn't have blueberry scones.

Dan:  Are you sure?

Me:  No.

(Dan leaves to get himself food from Kroger.  Upon his return...)


Dan:  I don't mean this to be obnoxious, but my bagel, doughnut, AND coffee all cost the same amount of money as your scone.

Me:  I bet your bagel, doughnut, AND COFFEE put together don't taste nearly as good as my scone.

Dan: Nothing tastes as good as being frugal feels.

Me:  Scones do.

This conversation is brought to you by pregnancy.  And marriage.  And love.   In reverse order.