I've been on the phone all day planning Madeline's occupational therapy evaluation, transition meeting, etc.  It forced me dig out our big binder with all the ONH information - which in turn made me look back at all the other big scary transitions we've made between "then" and "now." So in the spirit of reflection, I posted an old journal entry today - it's about learning to see.  And hope.  And when we moved from thinking Madeline couldn't see anything, to knowing that she could see light, and eventually color.  And all the insane therapies we did to figure it out.   Oh, and there's lots of super cute baby pictures.

Here's the link

And here's an excerpt:

"...Okay, that makes a lot of sense.  Maybe this lady knows what she’s talking about.   Maybe Madeline can see something.


So our job was to find out whether or not Madeline could perceive light.  If her world was black, or shades of gray.  Could she tell the difference between day and night?  Could she see windows, find exits?  Could she see shadows of large objects, like couches?  Cars?

I had wondered what therapy you could possibly do with an infant that did nothing but sleep and breastfeed every two hours.  What did I know!  I had homework every single day of the week...."

Check it out - and marvel at our little miracle baby! (And the FAITHFULNESS of the God who gave her to us to begin with.)