Psychotic Break

This week I've been gift card-shopping.  Buying things is great fun, and it's even more delicious when not a penny is coming out of the bank account.  After reading mixed reviews online, I decided to roll the dice and order a Moby wrap - a fabric contraption that straps your baby to you so you can have both of your hands at your disposal.  Having both of my hands at my disposal is a distant memory; I have dreams, nay, fantasies, about having both hands at my disposal. Some say they could not imagine motherhood without one, others say that the darn thing is the source of unending frustration and a colossal waste of money.  I've heard that people spend hours in front of Youtube tutorials practicing how to get their babies in the thing.  Well, I'm nothing if not stubborn, so I knew that if it proved to be tricky, I would practice through the night until I figured it out.

When it arrived, I tore into the package like a wild animal and had all 34,752,346 feet of fabric laid out all over the living room in less than a minute.

It was daunting.  So was the 35-page instruction manual.

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrapped it without incident the first time, no instructional video required.  (Nevermind that I tried to repeat the feat later that evening, in public of course, and had to remove and reinsert my child 4 times before my friend, Christina, eventually put Sam in for me because she was afraid for his safety.)

Anyway, now I've got the hang of it and I have both feet firmly planted in the "can't imagine motherhood without it" camp.  I'm spending much more time outside which is improving the mental and physical health of all persons in the house.

I took Madeline for a walk the other day, and we stopped by the church to visit Dan at work.  When he came to the door Madeline blurted out,

"Daddy, look!!!  It looks like Mommy is having ANOTHER baby!"

I swooned.  Dan had a psychotic break.