Pretty Is As Pretty Does

When Sam was born he got a lot of presents.  Madeline got her share too, for being a big sister (read: so that we wouldn't die gruesome deaths at the hands of toddler jealously).  One of my favorite gifts was from my aunt and her family, (my uncle and 5 younger cousins) who live in France. Tucked in a little bag, Madeline found some tiny gold bangles, just her size.

The handwritten note praised her and then said,

I found these bracelets for you at the market this week.  I hope they fit you.  I was thinking how wonderful it is that you are now a big sister.  When you wear your bracelets, think of being kind to your brother and to others around you.  Kindness is a beautiful character quality to have.  Kindness is part of being beautiful.

We call them her kindness bracelets.  I happen to have an almost identical set, which I love - because we could all use a reminder that kindness is part of being beautiful.