I think that I will allow you into my inner circle for a moment; won't you enjoy the pedestrian details of my life with me? Welcome to Conner-world!  Land of  unfolded laundry, cracked out cats, and the ugliest gold curtains ever to be stitched into existence!

Exhibit #1.  Jasper is a real freak sometimes.


"Are you stuck buddy?"  "Yeeessss."

Exhibit #2.  She's her father's daughter.

Exhibit #3.  I found the following items in the bottom of the washer today.

ALL IN ONE LOAD.  So I didn't do so hot with my pocket-emptying this morning.  Earlier this year my iPod would have been pictured here.  And then the Holy Spirit came upon it in power and healed it.  Sometimes the menu button sticks a little bit, but I certainly can't hold it against the little guy after he survived an hour submerged in soapy water.  Oh, and a spin cycle.

Exhibit #4.  Today I told Dan, "I could really use some caffeine, but I don't want to go through the hassle of drinking a cup of coffee."   He responded by singing this song.  I caught the reference immediately, and that is why we love each other.


TELL ME you remember the caffeine pill episode!