Over and Out

I spent nearly an hour pouring over writings, thoughts, and funny videos in search of something clever/inspiring/generally wonderful to post here while we're at camp this week.   And what did I decide?  I decided to go to sleep. I've read parts of two books, lots of quotes, lots of old journal entries - and now my soul is feeling nice and full.  Like my stomach does after Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm content:  all filled up, happy, thankful, and amazed at God's goodness and faithfulness to me.  So I'm going to go lay down and let it all settle in and take root.  In the words of Ingrid Michaelson, "with hearts too big to fit our beds."

I did post an old journal here:  it's a tad gloomy, but I ASSURE you it has the happiest ending that's soon to follow.  I mean it's beautiful - Walt Disney can't make this stuff up.

We'll be back to the land of internet addiction next week.  For now, real life.  (And boat races!) Over and out.