Oui, Oui!

When my mom came to visit last week she presented me with a little column that she stole borrowed from an airline magazine.  It consists of 7 small photos summarizing Ignès De La Fressange's "magnificent seven" of Parisian Chic. Ignès the style icon, Ignès the face of Chanel in the 80s.  Super-chic, timeless, Paris-dwelling Ignès.

In her new book, Ignès states that once you have these seven essential pieces in your wardrobe, Parisian chic is "all a matter of composition."

I love that - all a matter of composition.  Here are Ignès's building blocks for attaining that certain je ne sais quoi.

How to dress like a chic Parisian: 101

1. A trench coat, (the collar standing).


2. A men's blazer (roll up the sleeves).


3. A navy cashmere V-neck (anytime, any place).


4. A white tank top (a sexy essential).


5. Little black dress (with ballerinas for daytime, stiletto sandals at night).  "The little black dress is not simply an item of clothing, it's a concept. It's abstract, it's universal — which means there's one that's perfect for everyone ... Today the Parisian has several little black dresses, just as she has several pairs of jeans: each is a variation on a theme."

6. Jeans (skinny, white).


7. Biker jacket (especially with the little black dress).


 So mom and I are embarking on a little (or not-so-little) project.  This year we will be shopping (and shopping and shopping) until we find ourselves at least one of each.  Gosh, I love a good checklist.

I'm already collecting inspiration pieces from polyvore and pinterest.  In the coming months we will be emailing links and texting pictures from dressing rooms in search of  knock-'em-dead versions of the magnificent seven to jump-start our own Parisian wardrobes.  (I can't decide if I'm more excited for the jeans or the biker jacket.)

My question for you is: who wants to join us!?