On Being 28 and Single (Guest Post, Cindy Warren)

While I am out of town working at Sports Camp this week, some of my favorite people are holding down the blog fort for me.  Show them love.   Today's post is from Cindy Warren, who blogs at Maybe That's the Beauty of Grace.  Here is what you should know about Cindy:

1. She is the only person whose tweets come to my phone.  This is why:

2. She keeps it real.  

Here are her thoughts about being 28 and single (told you she keeps it real). 


Hi. My name is Cindy, and I graduated from a Christian college. Cool.

I graduated from a Christian college, and was single when I did so. Oh Snap.

Apparently, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I mean, our Chancellor even told us that he had stocked the place so full of eligible, single individuals that there was no excuse for getting out of their without a ring on your finger. My bad.

A lot of people write about singleness AFTER that time in their life is over. Suddenly, they are able to reflect on it with massive amounts of fondness and wisdom. I figure I should share my very random thoughts while I’m still in that “season of life", as people Christians like to say. Here goes:

1) I am actually happy. I think sometimes we are scared to admit that. “If I admit that I’m happy, God might keep me here.” Listen, I don’t want to be the poster child for joyful singleness anymore than anyone else. However, it's OK to be happy while single. God has a plan for my life, and right now I’m in it. Admitting that I’m content does not mean that God is just going to forget and leave me here. He sees my heart right now, but He also sees and plans my future.

2) I do NOT, in fact, feel “called to singleness.” Not at all. However, I’m not sitting around waiting for life to start. Every decision that I make does not have to be one that strategically places me in the place that has the largest single-guy-to-Cindy-ratio. After all you only need "one good man", right? I think that it's OK to make plans and live my life. If I truly believe that I'm not someone who has been called to remain single for the rest of my life, then I shouldn't waste time worrying, right? Right.

3) Just because I'm single, and that random male friend of yours is too, doesn't mean that he and I are compatible. Can I get an amen? It seems like well intentioned married couples want so desperately for their friends to experience what they have, that they forget that being single is not the ONLY criteria for 2 people to fall in love. Just do a little homework before you send me off on a date with "Mr. Right". That's all I ask.

4) No song can send me into a panic like Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Seriously. I was in 3 weddings in 2010 (which was actually very cool), and I attended at least 5 others. There's certain panic that comes over me when I hear that all-too-familiar beat, and see everyone clearing the dance floor to make space for the "single ladies". All five of us. Three of which will inevitably be under the age of 12.

5) I like the male species. A lot. Am I the only person who has this fear that everyone around me secretly thinks I'm single because I don't like dudes? Well I do in fact like dudes. However, I find dating to be incredibly stressful so I don't have energy to waste on the wrong fellas. Plus I happen to live where there are approximately 3 single guys my age and we're all jaded by the fact that we've known eachother since we were 5.

That's all for now.  I should probably go read Proverbs 31 or something.