On How Discipline Is Saving Me

I'm blogging over at Middle Places today, about wishing I had a reset button, and how exactly one goes about recalibrating her life.

"I wish I had a reset button, like those microscopic rubber buttons on the backs of alarm clocks and internet routers.  I wish my belly button worked that way, that someone could poke me with a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin that's missing the plastic bubble that keeps it from drawing blood on your scalp, and I'd default back to ground zero, fresh and shiny.

But I don't have a reset button, so I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way...

This year I tried to tweak my habits, adjust my schedule, to function in this new life, but what I know is that you can't build a brand new picture with the same old pieces.  Tweaking and adding and shifting gave me juggling, balancing, and multi-tasking.  And while juggling, balancing, and multi-tasking is a great way to survive, it's no way to live.  I am crafting a brand new picture that includes a beautiful, surprise baby and a beautiful, surprise writing career; I need new pieces.  I need a reset button.

A vacation won't do.  Neither will new apps, a new deadline, or more coffee.  Those are tweaks; I need a fundamental change, a shift in the tectonic plates.  

And the ancient secret to shifting one's tectonic plates is radical self-discipline..."

You can read the rest here!