Old Testament World

For the last two days there has been a loud, persistent whirring outside.  It's behind every other outdoor noise - behind the cars, the air conditioning, the birds.  It's like a buzzing in your ear, only everyone can hear it.  "What IS that?"  I asked Dan.

"The locusts," he said.

What?!  How many more surprises are in store here?  Nobody told us about the tornadoes, and nobody told us about the locusts. 

Supposedly, they come "out of the ground" every 13 years.  Most of them are emerging up on the mountain; what we're hearing down here is just an echo.  The atmosphere is echoing. 

Dan relayed this to me after he was informed by an elderly lady in our church.  I was totally intrigued, but skeptical.  Every 13 years?  Sounds a little too mythical to be true. 

But I guess sometimes nature, and life, are mythical - because it's true.  (Periodical Cicadas ("The 13-Year-Locusts") in Alabama.)

It sounds like a big cosmic gas leak, or like God is letting the air out of his tires.  PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT.  

The locusts are flying around everywhere, brushing our arms and hair, leaving their empty shells clinging to walls and trees and such.  They remind me of the cicadas we used to see in the mid-west, only smaller and lighter in color. 

It seems fitting that this year would be a locust year, what, after the plague of boils a few months ago. 

Which reminds me of the most beautiful thing I read just the other day,

"The footage shows this landscape to be almost biblically beautiful and difficult, just like real life.  I have come to believe more with every passing year that despite technological evidence to the contrary, it is still secretly an Old Testament world out there."  [Anne Lamott]

Biblically beautiful and difficult, just like real life.   Yes.