Observations from the Devoted Wife of an ESPN Addict (Sports Dopplegangers)

On Superbowl weekend, I thought it fitting to share a few well-thought out, analytical sports posts.  You should watch for me on ESPN's First Take, because I am confident that after Skip Bayless reads these shrewdly discerned observations (which he will), he will be requesting an appearance.  I mean, this is top notch investigative reporting. From the depths of the riches of my sports knowledge, accumulated over years of sitting next to my husband on the couch, I bring you -

Sports Dopplegangers of 2012

Alex Smith, quarterback for the 49ers, bears a striking resemblance to Ryan Gosling (thankfully).  I'm going to pause here and reflect on their likeness. You can go ahead without me.

In his most recent roster photo, Kevin Kolb looks a lot like Kevin Federline.  I'm no analyst, but I'm pretty sure this means he's never going to win a Superbowl.

Rob Jackson was the campus pastor at Liberty University when I attended.  If he and Steve Martin ever had a love child, it would look like Mike Smith, coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

In his spare time, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is a brilliant diagnostician on House. (A widely known resemblance, but it's quite impossible to discuss look-alikes without including it.)

My Uncle Dave might be leading a double life as a poorly dressed, oversized-gray-hoodie-wearing football genius.  (He gave the camera that Belichick scowl all on his own.)

And while we're in Massachusetts, Tom Brady looks like a Ken doll.  Dresses like one, too. #Uggs

Another classic: Chris Bosh looks an Avatar. Especially when he had the dreads.

Oh my gosh, hide your kids.

And finally, Tim Lincecum looks like Snape, the wizard from Harry Potter.


Also, Cher.


The high percentage of NFL dopplegangers obviously reflects the time of year; perhaps by this summer I'll have accumulated some more deep thoughts on basketball and baseball.

Skip, I await your call.

Ladies, watch sports with your man.