0.15 Seconds of Fame

Today my friend Beth wrote a post about the time she and I almost trampled a Hollywood star into the ground.  The time we almost trampled teeny tiny, Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams, to be more precise.

Yes, seriously.

"It all started, as many of my high school memories do, at the mall, where a casting call was being held. With visions of James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson dancing in our heads, my best friend and I decided to give it a shot. The casting people took our photos and information, but said they probably wouldn’t need us. Much to our delight, they called us a few days later—and our parents, recognizing the opportunity for global superstardom, pulled us out of school to be extras."

You should read the rest of her very funny story about our Dawson's Creek appearance and our almost-fame here.

The episode was set at a No Doubt concert, and Beth's outfit was by far the most...creative.  The costume lady was really banging on all cylinders when she gashed Beth's sweater open in several places and added safety pins, which were in no way functional  in repairing the gaping holes over her midriff, and thus could only be described as "decorative."

I was given a red pre-slashed shirt that, mercifully, had a hole-free black tank underneath it.  I had the appearance of a ragged, perhaps homeless, ladybug.  (Incidentally, my friend Hayden was also there, and SHE was given a camo corset that laced up the front and the back, and we called her G.I. Ho for weeks.)

Now, I'm sort of coming out of the national television closet here, as the fact that I was on an episode of Dawson's Creek has gotten me through many a "2 truths, 1 lie" ice-breaker game.  Every time I have chosen to disclose this information, the response is the same:  "We want proof!" But as this was a decade ago, before DVR and Youtube, the only proof was a single recorded VHS tape which is probably deteriorating in one of our parents attics right now.

But, for reasons I cannot comprehend, someone has put the episode on the internet.  And so, friends, here you go.



When I watched the clip with Dan he insisted I not tell him where I was - he wanted to see if he could spot me.  Upon seeing my graceful run into the arena behind Michelle Williams he said,  "There you are!  That's you running like a crazy person!  I recognize that trot."

That's what five years of marriage gets you.