Million Smiles To Go (GIVEAWAY!)

So a few weeks ago I posted about how to find kids music that won't make you want to cut off your ears with a pair of safety scissors.  In that post I referenced a new album that we got, and today I'm going to give it the recognition it deserves!  AND I'm going to give one of you a copy! The album title is "Million Smiles To Go," by Steven Courtney, and it is currently playing on repeat in our newly-decorated play area.  It is full of harmonicas, horns, and fun percussion.  It's bluesy in a lot of places, and makes me want to eat jambalaya or gumbo or something.

My favorites from this album are:

"Big Ol' Jeb"  - Totally infectious.  I'm telling you, you're going to want to move to Louisiana.

"Well he could light the room with a friendly smile You could see it shine for a country mile. Like a rooster crowin' early in the morn, Shine, shine, shine since the day he was born.

(Big  Ol' Jeb's got a light on.)

Have you ever met someone with a smile like that?  Someone with a light on?  I would like to eat jambalaya with Big Ol' Jeb.  (You can watch a live acoustic version here.)

"Do You Like My Shoes?" - My mom came to visit for a few days last week and left singing this song.  You will dance without meaning to.  It is down-home awesomeness.

"Empty Nest" - My daughter is only 3 and I got tears in my eyes.  I CRY AT CHILDREN'S MUSIC, SO SUE ME.

"...Mama Bird, It's not goodbye, You'll see your babies In the sky."

"Steven the Pirate" - This one is an epic poem.  (I mean epic literarily, not in the "epic win/fail" sense.   I made a vow to never use the word as such, and I don't plan on breaking it today.)  It tells a great story, and you'll want to listen to the whole song just to see what happens to Steven the Pirate.  The melody/words/mood/overall sound fit perfectly - which is no small thing.  Great song.

"Army of Shoes" - Nonsense!  Silliness at its best!  Dr. Seuss would be pleased.  It's funny and clever and I'm all the time wanting to quote it in my facebook status, even though it would make people scratch their heads.  You'd be hard pressed to find a happier, catchier melody.  It is sunshine.  I'm telling you - great songwriting.

So those are my top 5, and here are Madeline's:

Do You Like My Shoes My Yo Yo Banging On A Can (for kids who love to drum, which is all kids.) Detective Joe Steven the Pirate (this one has some great "Na, na, na, na, na's" for singing along with!)

Bottom line?  This is awesome family music.  Kids love it, and parents don't just endure it - we like it too!  Steven Courtney is a talented, grown-up musician who loves kids and is not too cool to be silly.  (As evidenced by track 18: the very catchy, silly "Chicken Poo."  Your giggly sons and nephews will love it.)

So the question is - would you like your very own copy of "Million Smiles To Go?"  Because I am giving one away!

All you have to do is comment on this post and you'll be entered into the drawing.  Any comment will do - from telling us YOUR favorite music, what you think of Steven's website, or just "Pick me, pick me!"  I'll select a winner (randomly) on Tuesday - which means you have 3 days to tell all your friends who:  love music, have kids, love kids, want to be the "cool aunt" or "cool uncle," or are looking for the perfect gift for children ages 1 to....100!

Visit Steven's website HERE.

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Buy Million Smiles To Go (or any of his other fun albums) HERE.

So go!  Peruse, listen, and comment!  Tuesday could be your lucky day!