Love: Thursday

My friend, Megan, is an excellent gift-giver.  Some people are just that way; my brother is, too.  Every single gift he’s ever given me has been thoughtful, practical, sentimental – perfect.  Megan is a gifter, too.  She sends cards to me all year round, and collects little odds and ends all year long to stick into birthday and Christmas packages.  Last year, when she mailed my Christmas present from her home in Baltimore, the box arrived more than two weeks early.   I called to let her know that it had arrived and almost before I got the words out of my mouth she said, “HAVE YOU OPENED IT YET??” “No, it’s not Christmas yet!” I told her.

“Oh!  But it’s okay, I don’t mind.  Just open it.  I can’t wait until Christmas –you’re going to love it!”

Have you ever felt this way about a gift – that you could hardly wait for someone to open it?

Perhaps a lucky find that you stumbled across: a teapot that matches your mother’s old wedding china, a collectors item, a notebook with a particular quote or phrase on it that has special meaning to your friend?  Or maybe something that you spent hours and hours on.  A scrapbook or photo album, or a piece of homemade art.   When you are proud of your gift, when you can’t wait to bestow it on someone you love, giving is downright exhilarating.  I remember one night, before I gave Dan a “just because” gift that I had been planning and working on for days, I could hardly sleep!  I was thinking about what else I could do, about how much he would love it, about how much I loved him – I tossed and turned all night long!

Think of the best, most special gift you’ve ever given somebody – can you recall that excited, fluttery feeling?  The thrill of bestowing something of value on someone you love?  Now, multiply that times a million.  Can you imagine what God the Father must have felt on Christmas Eve, the night before Jesus was born?  Can you imagine His exhilaration, His antsy joy the night before he sent our Savior, the very best gift in the history of the world?  God bestowed something of infinite value – His only Son – upon something He loved outlandishly – us.  The most loving Giver gave the very best gift.  God knew this night from the beginning of time, but now it was upon Him.  “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman… to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.”  [Galatians 4:4-5]

In His extravagant love, God gave.  Consider this today:  What is something that you can give today, out of love?  A small token, a phone call, your encouragement, an unexpected gift?  And also, what have you done with Jesus Christ, the gift that God sent to you?