Love: Friday

I love that God refers to himself over and over in Scripture as “the bridegroom,” and the church as “the bride.”  I love the marriage analogy, and how much we can learn about Christ from godly husbands in the Bible, like Boaz and Hosea.  I love the passion and ardor in the Song of Solomon, and it takes my breath away to think that Christ feels so lovingly towards me.  That he might say to me, “Arise, come my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” Marriage is THE most intimate, tender, permanent human relationship.  Period.  And it is so because it is to reflect the relationship of Christ and his bride, the church.  As I thought about the love of God today, I was reminded of one of the last weddings I attended.  When my best friend, Brooke, got married, this is what I read during her wedding ceremony:

“We've heard, today, that marriage was created to be one of God’s visual aids, if you will.  God is always revealing himself to people, to us, in extraordinary ways.  Burning bushes, pillars of cloud and fire, a gentle whisper, and the perfect sinless person of Jesus Christ.  Marriage is God showing us, in a tangible way, His enduring faithfulness and bottomless love.

What an unspeakable joy (and a high calling) to step into this very daily opportunity to reflect God’s love.  I would like to share a song with you that has been dear to my heart for a long time.  Contained in the brevity of three very simple verses you find the elements of REAL love.

Volition, choice, will. Selflessness and generosity. Forgiveness and steadfastness.

It’s titled, “I Will Not Take My Love Away.”

“I will not take my love away When praises cease and seasons change The whole world turns the other way I will not take my love away.

I will not leave you all alone When strivings lead you far from home When there’s no yield for what you’ve sown I will not leave you all alone.

I will give you what you need In plenty or in poverty Whatever wrong is done to me I will give you what you need.

I will not take my love away.”

May your marriage grow in grace to become an increasingly perfect reflection of the matchless love of God.”

God’s love towards you is tender and steadfast.

His desire is to be pursued by you; He wants you to know Him intimately.  Even in the very best, most beautiful marriage, any representation of love we see on this side of eternity is but a whisper of the incredible, intimate, personal love of God.

How will this perspective of God’s love change your day today?  How can you live differently in light of God’s deep, deep love for you?


God will not take his love away.