Link Love

10 things you should read today: Thought provoking/Inspiring!

1. Super-inspiring post from a friend of mine - who challenged herself in an area that didn't come naturally - and crossed something off her life list.  (read it here)

2. Thought provoking essay from Donald Miller.  While I believe that theology matters, and doctrine matters - I still give this post a hearty amen.  "You've graduated...There is no path, there is only a guide..."  (read it here)

3.  The Generous Wife.  I found this gem from a friend, who found it from a on and so forth.  Confession:  I don't read blogs.  Not like you'd think.  But this one is interesting and practical.  Unspeakably valuable advice.  Seriously - do your marriage a favor and check it out.

4. Insightful post on parenting.  And it might help you get over some of that baggage and teen angst you've been carrying around for all these years.  "Forgive your father, he did the best he could."  (read it here)

Fun! And also a little inspiring.

5.  A gumball machine full of matchbox cars?  A metal wall?  Cinderblock cubby holes???  I LOVE the way this lady has decorated her sons' rooms.  All three are cool, but the urban one is definitely my favorite. (check it out here)

6. Does anybody feel me on this one?  "We are all going to be congested forever."

7.  A friend of mine from college posted this a while back, and I'm DYING to try my hand at making these puppies.  Homemade jelly donut holes - rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  (read, and drool, here)

8. Bookmarks! How fabulous are these?  One of each please.  (love them here)

9. This is impressive.  (But you should know I'm the kind of person who gets sucked into documentaries about big cats hunting, avalanches, etc.  I also rented Earth and Oceans.)  This snake is about to give me nightmares.  (be awed by the crazy camouflage here)

10.  This is hilarious because it's like reading about my husband.  Also I get to SCORE him and pass JUDGEMENT.  Rate your youth pastor here. (And if you haven't read the metrosexual worship leader one, you should.  I happen to like my worship leaders a little bit metro.)