Let It Snow.

Snow is hands down, without a doubt the most romantic weather.  Period. It's snowing today in Alabama, and I am smitten - walking around the house in a dreamy trance.

I mean, I know romance is romance and it happens when it happens.  And I suppose I could make arguments for long summer days and sultry evenings - and fall.  Football weather, fairs and festivals and apple orchards.  And I'm sure anyone who fell in love in spring has a laundry list of why it is positively the most romantic season, but I'm partial to snow.  Blankets and steaming mugs of coffee/tea/hot chocolate, choose your pleasure.  Christmas lights and staying up way too late talking.  Sweatpants and floppy festive socks and lots and lots of snow.

I'm certain the following (excellent) music has served to shape my opinion:


(The metaphor is breathtaking. "I want a snowfall kind of love, the kind of love that quiets the world...I want a snowfall kind of love, that brings people to their window.")


Alisa's voice will captivate you.  She's positively enchanting, haunting, addicting.  I'm pretty sure you should go buy this one on iTunes.  Today.  Like, right now.


This one was on repeat every winter in high school.  And college.

And of course there's the 150 cheeky, jazzy versions of this one:


In conclusion, snow is terribly, wonderfully romantic.  I rest my case.

(And two more dreamy winter songs, for the road.)



(Ingrid must like winter too.)

Do you have winter songs?  Oh won't you please, please share?