Joy: Friday

(IN DEFENSE of my tardiness, I am in Georgia and have hijacked my sister-in-law's computer during my daughter's naptime to post this. So there.  Can I have a cookie or something?) I believe that there is another great enemy of joy that we need to be rid of this week: disillusionment.

When I was in high school, my friend Melanie told me, “Whatever we focus on gets bigger.”  I almost dismissed it at the time because I thought, “Mel, I’m having a REAL problem here and I don’t want to hear about the power of positive thinking.”

But she went on to explain:  “When we have a problem, we tend to dwell on it.  We try to brainstorm all the possible solutions, we think about what would have prevented it, or how unfair it is.  We ask for advice, we make lists of pros and cons, etc.  And because we are looking at our problem from every angle, it seems to grow.  Soon all we’re thinking about is our circumstance and it overwhelms us.

But when we start looking at God from every angle - we begin to see how big He is in every way.  He is great in love, great in mercy, great in wisdom, great in justice, great in power.  When our focus is on God, we understand that He is big enough.   So, you can obsess over your problem and it will grow, or you can obsess over Jesus and be reminded that He is big enough to handle it.”

I’ve come to know that this is absolutely true.  I’m not saying that positive thinking can fix your problem – I’m saying God can.

If you are disillusioned, if you are gasping for breath under the weight of your to-do list, if you are just plain tired, or frustrated with a situation that won’t move forward- take some time today to adjust your focus.  Disillusionment can steal your joy, but God can restore it.  He is big enough.

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.” [Isaiah 59:1]