IT'S A...

Last night I spent a great deal of time trying out every single old wives tale gender predictor we could get our hands on:

According to my belly (carrying low) it's a: boy.

According to the Chinese spinning ring it's a: boy.

According to my cravings (salty) it's a:  boy.

According to the heartrate (above 140 beats per min.) it's a: girl.

According to the color of my urine (not making this up!) it's a: girl.

According to the direction my pillow faces (North) it's a:  boy.

According to the month of conception (odd) it's a: girl.

According to my feet (no colder than before): it's a:  girl.

According to my hair (not growing any faster) it's a: girl.

According to my morning sickness (pretty icky) it's a: girl.

So according to the old wives tales the girls have it by two.


I will not post the ultrasound picture of my child's genitals - you're going to have to trust me on this one.  But I assure you, we could tell that he was a boy before the technician even got the words out.  Just a' shinin' away, proud as can be!

In addition to genital photos, I'm also not a fan of seas of pastel colors.  So can we keep the amount of powder blue in this home at a reasonable level?  I mean, some of it is super-sweet (and also inevitable).  But I'd like to roll with reds, browns and whites.  I like blue - but can we get a little navy action?  Or royal blue?  Or cerulean?  Anything but powder/Carolina would be great.  Thanks.

And while I'm being honest about preferences, I really hate the words preggo and preggers.  *shudders*

I don't know how this celebratory post got derailed.  Regroup.

A son!  We have a son! And he's going to be a stud!  And we're thrilled!  And Madeline really likes the (royal) blue balloons we got for her.  :)