It Was A Really Cool Lamp

This happened today: Target1


(You can read the whole post on "Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures" here.  If you aren't following this blog, you should be.  Funny stuff.)

I walked in to get half-and-half for my coffee.

I was forced to have hot chocolate on Sunday morning. Today I had tea. (We've had nothing but skim milk in the house for days, and that wasn't going to cut it.)  I don't do bad coffee.

The latte I grabbed on the way to Target turned out to be a brilliant, bank account-saving decision.  The caffeine hit my bloodstream in the nick of time, and I had a moment of clarity at the checkout counter.

I put back two serving trays, a brushed metal ampersand for the bookshelf, a throw pillow, a dress, and a lamp.


Coffee saves marriages, y'all.