Interpreter Wanted

I've had crazy dreams all week long.

Get this one from a few nights ago:

I was in an underground tunnel system, with sconce-like lanterns on the sides of the dirt/rock walls.  It was dank and drippy, like a dungeon.  I was talking with one of my best friends from high school, whom I'm not in touch with anymore.  In my dream, she was getting married, and we were having a long, emotional reconciliation.  I don't remember any of our conversation, I just remember feeling weepy and emotionally spent during the whole dream.

Then suddenly we were in the ocean, with a bunch of other people that I know from a million different places in life.  More people from high school, and a few people from the church here in Alabama.  We were sitting in a foot or two of water - so it was shallow, but we were up to our middles in sort of murky/teal/Atlantic looking water.   None of us were interacting, we were all just there.

Then, I felt a baby kick.  It was such a real sensation - like butterflies, but not.  A few friends from high school came over to feel my belly.  We all smiled, then looked up and saw a tidal wave.

It was a huge, terrifying-looking wave.  It looked like a wall of water coming towards us, much taller than our heads.  We all jumped up (now I had a big baby belly - about 7 months size) and tried our best to run.  We ran up to the sand, up the stairs to the beach house, up onto the deck - but everything was dark from the shadow of the wave over top of us.

And it crashed.  It pulled me down and around - I couldn't breathe or see, and was too far under to hope to find the surface no matter  how hard a kicked and reached in any direction.

And then I woke up in a sweat, wondering if I had really wept with my high school friend, and where my baby was.

I don't think it means anything, except maybe that I want a baby and spent too much time on Facebook.  But man, crying, old friends, reconciliation, ocean, waves, babies, death.  Freud would have a heyday!

Next dream:

My younger brother and I were on the run from 2 mafia families, one Russian and one...Arabic?  We were holding hands running (kind of crouched down, hiding behind cars as we went) into my old middle school building.  We hid in a science classroom, and we heard people in the hallway.  Then the building morphed (like they can in dreams) into a prison.  We were breaking out of our cell - we ran down the hall, out of the building, and into the front lawn.  We ran across the lawn - visible and exposed.

There was a parade marching down the sidewalk in front of the school/prison (is my subconscious telling me something about student loans?).  We laid in a ditch - and waited for a time to sneak into the procession.  I slid in, but my brother stayed in the ditch.  It was like he couldn't make it - like when you're trying to follow someone in traffic but there just isn't room for you to pull out.  I followed the parade for a long time, walking over pink and white petals that some little girls were throwing.

When the crowds dwindled, I felt hunted and scared.  I wondered where my brother was, and where I was going to go now that the parade was over.

Then I woke up.

Third dream this week:

I finally got the guts to get my hair cut into a short trendy bob.  And it looked awesome and everyone loved it.

Feel free to comment here; I'd love to have a good laugh at your interpretations!